Written with Kindle Writer software developed by the author, this is the most important book since Darwin's "Origin of Species". This study offers a Bible based alternative explanation to the enigma of the Neanderthals and their sudden disappearance than that offered by evolution.

This book begins with the observation of a strange coincidence. The Bible and other ancient writings talk about three kinds of people living together at one time, Watchers, Nephilim and Humans. Then two of them disappear abruptly to leave only man to populate the earth with his kind. Coincidentally, we find anthropologists over a period of one hundred and fifty years unearthing the remains of three species of hominids that are said to have co-existed at one time, Cro-Magnons, Neanderthals and Homo sapiens. Then two of them suddenly become extinct leaving only Homo sapiens (modern man) to populate the planet. Could it be that those beings dubbed Cro-Magnons may have in fact been the fabled "Watchers", the fallen angels described in the Bible who came to earth and mated with human women? And, if this is true, can we not reason that the results of their unnatural union resulted in hybrid children the Nephilim, the same beings that we call Neanderthals? What an intriguing possibility, one which this book investigates.

This study is truly ground breaking and proves once again how reliable the Bible really is. If you are a Christian then I hope that this book will encourage you to stand firm in your belief. If you are person of no paticular persuasion but have been told that the Bible contains a load of bunkum, I hope that what this book shows will pursuade you to reevaluate your position and take a closer look as to what the Bible has to say. And to those of you who believe in evolution, for you I have purposely not made reference to any Creationist publications. That way I cannot be accused of being a Creationist fundamentalist with a chip on my shoulder. Hence, what you will read in some areas of this study will have been written and promoted by evolutionists themselves or reported by them in newpapers or science publications just as each discovery was made and presented to the world by evolutionary scientists. I have not glossed over or hidden anything from you. The theory of evolution stands or falls by the words of evolutionists themselves, not mine.

I believe that what I have presented in the book offers a viable alternative to the one that evolutionists have taught for the last hundred and fifty years, with respects to the origins of man and especially where Cro-Magnons and Neanderthals have stood in the scheme of things. With over 460 pages, 380 plus references and 160 pictures, this is truly a major work worthy of consideration and debate.


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"After at least 200,000 years of eking out an existence in glacial Eurasia, the Neanderthal suddenly went extinct"

(University of Wyoming economist Jason Shogren)

"Early modern humans arriving on the scene shortly before are suspected to have been the perpetrator, but exactly how they caused Neanderthal extinction is unknown."

(Richard Horan of Michigan State University and Erwin Bulte from Tilburg University in the Netherlands)

For about a hundred years after the first Neanderthal was unearthed the idea that man had descended from the apes seemed untenable. It did not matter that some unscrupulous scientists were found to have doctored evidence to support their theories or even deliberately made up apeman fossils in order to make a name for themselves. The fact of the matter was that few dared question the Neanderthal/apeman hypothesis other than certain Christian extremisits, because it fitted in so snuggly with the prevailing belief that the natural world was the product of evolutionary processes and not that of any supernatural intervention.

The pro-evolution lobby had a great deal of help outside their profession. The propaganda machine had a field day in convincing people, young and old, that man had descended from the apes, and pictures in books, exhibits at museums, scoops in newspapers and the films of the cinema (and television) all played their part in promoting the theory.

It appeared that science had triumphed and God was dead. But not all scientists were convinced. In 1957 Boule’s skeleton was re-examined and it was soon determined that the skeleton was that of an old neanderthal who has suffered from arthritis and this is what had accounted for the stooped posture of the individual concerned.

Suddenly, those that supported "the ape to man theory", found themselves facing challenges from well respected scientists within their own ranks, not just from religious fanatics. Before long the entire ediface built around "the evolution of man" began to crumble. It was clear that the theory deemed as fact was shown to be built on flawed, flimsy or doctored evidence. Not only had some anthropologists fabricated evidence but in many cases as it was soon to be discovered they also grossly misintepreted so called evidence too on numerous occasions. In fact in many cases some of the interpretations of fossils were incredulous in the extreme.

Marcellin Boule who supported Darwin's theory and who set in motion the apeman scenerio had a "skeleton in his closet". In 1985 the Neanderthal skeleton that Boule had examined was re-examined by anthropologist Erik Trinkhaus. The examination confirmed that Neanderthals walked upright and revealed another fact that had hitherto remained hidden: Marcellin Boule had deliberately portrayed Neanderthal as being stooped. The joint disorder identified in the 1950s was no obstacle to the individual walking upright.

I will go into more detail about the way in which so called hominid evidence has been rigged, juggled about and distorted to fit changing and ill conceived ideas about the evolution of ape to man in another article. But here our attention is drawn to another explanation for the Neanderthal remains hitherto unearthed. The correlation between what we know of the Neanderthals and the Nephilim is remarkable. Let us take a look the evidence from this point of view and let you be the judge whether or not the theory I propose has any credence.

The Neanderthals were Physically Very Strong - so were the Nephilim.

If we take a look at recent descriptions of Neanderthals in updated scientific journals there is consensus. It is clear that they were physically very strong and unquestionably tough. Their remains indicate that they were substantially more muscled than homo sapiens (modern humans), with well muscled chests, long bodies but shorter legs. They stood about 5ft 6 inches tall, and were comparable in height with homo sapiens that co-existed at the time. Co-existed? I will come to that observation later. It is clear from examining the attachment points at which muscle binds to their bones that their calves and biceps were extremely well developed as well as their pectoral chest and back muscles as already noted. Neanderthals, because of their greater muscle mass, would weigh some ten kilos more than a modern human of equivalent height. Body builders of today would find themselves hard pressed to match their Neanderthal counterparts.

Today's body builders build up their muscles through rigorous exercise and a diet that is high in protein. It is well established that Neanderthal's diet was primarily a protein enriched one, consisting mainly of meat and because they were hunter gatherers physical exertion was something that they understood.

Not only were Neanderthals muscular and heavy looking due to the thickness of their bone structure, another attribute contributed to their feaful appearance. They had huge heads and eyes. Compared to modern man the Neanderthal brain was more than 13% bigger and since early man was smaller in stature than modern man, the difference must have been even more intimitating. And then there were the eyes! The size of the skull eye sockets would have carried very large eyeballs.

There is also strong evidence that Neanderthals were cruel warriors and fighters suffering and inflicting battle wounds, mutilations, torture and maiming, they may also have practiced cannibalism. In France Archaeologists uncovered 2 fragments of leg bones and 3 arm bones. Some scientists believe that these bones show signs of being fractured while still fresh. Another Neanderthal site containing human bone fragments shows signs of cuts and burns. The presence of burns on the bones is significant since no animal, other than humans, makes deliberate use of fire. These burnt and intentionally broken human bones have been interpreted as being evidence of some form of cannibalism. They could equally be evidence of torture and or mutilation by dismemberment as has often been the case within certain human cultures who engage in cruel battle blood lust.

The Nephilim were Giants but Neanderthals were not. End of Story!

Wrong! When the early translators of the Bible came across the hebrew word Nephilim, they understood it to mean the fallen ones, because the word was based upon the root Hebrew word "Naphal (to fall)". However, when they compared this to the word found in the Septuagint, the oldest Greek version of the Old Testament, the word Nephilim was rendered in Greek as "gigantes". This has the meaning "earth-born". However the translators were aware of the Greek myth of a tribe of one hundred giants born to Gaia the Earth called Gigantes (hence Earth-Born") who were also known as the Titans. The Titans fought the gods and lost and this may account for their name being called the "fallen ones" because they fell in battle. Influenced by this ancient myth the Bible translatoers translated the word "Nephilim" as "giants" and this how the famous 1611 King James Bible rendered it. However, today most modern versions of the Bible have left the word "Nephilim" untranslated recognising that they were not.

The testimony of Josephus, the famous first century Jewish historian, does not refer the Nephilim as giants. In his monumental volume, Antiquities of the Jews he reveals his acquaintance with the tradition of the fallen angels consorting with women of Earth. He not only knows of the tradition but tells us how the children of such union possessed super human strength, and were known for their extreme wickedness. "For many angels of God accompanied with women, and begat sons that proved unjust, and despisers of all that was good, on account of the confidence they had in their own strength; for the tradition is, that these men did what resembled the acts of those whom the Grecians call giants. "

Josephus calls the children of the angels of god "sons", not giants. What he was saying was, and which he emphasised, the Nephilim were were strong powerful beings because he says that their strength their deeds resembled what the giants of Greek mythology did. Resembling the acts of the legendary Grecian mythical giants is one thing, but saying that the Nephilim were giants, Josephus does not.

Rabbi Abraham ben Meir ibn Ezra (also known as Abenezra) who was born in 1089 was one of the most distinguished Jewish men of letters and writers of the Middle Ages and he did not refer to the Nephilim as giants. Instead he called them the "fallen ones", first because that is what the word means and secondly, his interperpration was that they were called such because men's hearts would fail at the sight of them. So feaful in countenance they were. That would be understandable because as they are referred to in the scriptures as "mighty men which were of old, men of renown." Note that they are not called giants of renown, but men of renown. That is because the Nephilim were not giants but very muscular, strong and powerful looking men, not the sort you would want to pick a fight with. And guess what? The Neanderthals are described as muscular, strong and powerful. What a coincidence! Accept it is not a coincidence.

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